Surveying & Mapping


Surveying and mapping is involved in the civil engineering process from beginning to end. Each survey is managed by a Licensed Land Surveyor.

Our Survey Department performs a wide variety of tasks. The field crews are comprised of an experienced crew chief with one or two additional crew members trained to perform a multitude of tasks. Our survey tasks range from initial boundary location to final site construction staking tasks. Also included in our surveying services are topographic surveys, aerial control and accuracy assessment surveys,. The field crews employ state of the art survey equipment, including GPS Real Time Kinematic Systems, as well as conventional total station instruments with electronic data storage and handheld data collection devices. All equipment is fully compatible with our integrated office CADD and coordinate geometry hardware and software. 

dreamstime_4765507Our Autocad Technicians provide support for our field crews. They also provide the research to determine boundaries, prepare Land Development Maps, Records of Survey, right-of-way surveys American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys, encumbrance maps, legal descriptions and plats, and final construction surveying support. They interface with a other agencies to assure efficiency in the land development process.

Our Photogrammetry Surveyors provide topographic mapping and associated digital terrain modeling, crucial to the civil engineering process. Our photogrammetric process allows projects to be ready for design in a timely and efficient fashion. Products include photo mosaics of large geographic areas and digital orthophotography. We work with highly qualified companies to perform aerial flights and provide aerial photography. The Surveyor:

  • Plans the locations of the aerial crosses that are placed on the ground prior to the flight
  • Interfaces with the surveyors to provide horizontal and vertical datums
  • Establishes criteria for the quality control surveys
  • Determines and ensures the accuracy of the final topographic map