Rivers & Waterways


Sediment Transport Analysis

JGVE is expert at preparing sediment transport models. Many of our projects include an analysis of a riverine system’s anticipated response to steady and unsteady flows. Typical applications for sediment transport analyses include alluvial fan studies, slope protection design, “soft-bottom” channel design, and local and general scour at bridge abutments and piers.

Drainage Master Planning: An important step in the development of a municipality's or community's capital improvement program is the development of drainage master plans. These include determination of future drainage infrastructure needs for the community. Our plans can grow with the community, as we help them with the latest drainage modeling tools and capabilities.

Our Drainage Improvement Design Services Include:

  • Identification of problem drainage areas through inspection following rain events
  • Instrument measurement of grades
  • Design of cost effective repairs to problem drainage areas.
  • Bid Procurement from qualified contractors.
  • Monitoring construction work for compliance with specifications.



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