Paving & Drainage Services


We at JGVE understand the conditions necessary to achieve high pavement quality and the best drainage conditions. 

Our pavement and drainage consulting services provide you with the expert knowledge to achieve the best life cycle of your pavement. Let our experts provide you with the very best in pavement rehabilitation and drainage improvements. We know the factors that achieve the best result.

How can we protect your investment? JGVE can determine the proper method of repair to problems that are negatively affecting the condition of your pavement and find cost effective solutions to the drainage conditions that affect the property.

To protect your investment, you need expert troubleshooting when the integrity of your pavement and drainage structures are in doubt. Remember: trial and error approaches to recurring problems and spot fixes are costly and provide no long-term solution.


Our Paving Services Include:

  • Inspection services to determine the condition of the pavement surface, the underlying structural base and the drainage structures that service the property.
  • Perform appropriate diagnostic procedures, such as video inspection of underground storm sewer piping.
  • Prepare paving/repaving plans and the necessary repair/construction details in CAD.
  • Assist you in determining the best course of action.
  • Provide bidding services to competent contractors.
  • Manage the implementation of the designs.

Our pavement and drainage diagnostic services include the determination of sources of water intrusion into the pavement structure and evaluation of available options for corrective procedures.

Our Repaving Design Services Include:

  • Milling vs. Overlay procedures.
  • Identification of structural failures and causes
  • Design of repairs to pavement structures
  • Design of repairs to storm sewer piping and catch basin structures
  • Bid procurement from qualified contractors
  • Monitoring construction work for compliance with specifications

Our Drainage Improvement Design Services Include:

  • Identification of problem drainage areas through inspection following rain events
  • Instrument measurement of grades
  • Design of cost effective repairs to problem drainage areas.
  • Bid Procurement from qualified contractors.
  • Monitoring construction work for compliance with specifications.
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